Should You Hire A Lead Generation Specialist To Assist With Your Recruitment Strategy?

With the job market becoming more crowded than ever before, the importance of generating high-quality candidate leads has never been more important. Employers need to be able to quickly and easily find the right candidates for the vacancies they have, without having to trawl through hundreds of unsuitable applicants.

Lead generation is a resource-heavy exercise. In fact, a report by Holger Schulze found that over 53% of companies spend over half of their marketing budget on lead generation.

Benefits Of A Lead Generation Specialist

When it comes to recruitment, finding the right candidates as quickly as possible can save you time and money, which is where lead generation specialists can help. They boast expert knowledge and industry-specific tools that allow them to generate high-quality leads on which your team can capitalise. But, is it really economical to hire a lead generation specialist every time you have a vacancy to fill?

In many cases, it may be better to invest in an intuitive piece of Recruitment Software that can automate many of the roles a lead generation specialist can do.

What Type Of Recruitment Software Should You Turn To?

Here at Webrecruit, we are proud to offer our clients the Fusion applicant tracking software. Not only does this scalable recruitment software help you to attract, engage with and recruit some of the best candidates in your field, it also creates detailed reports on which strands of your advertising campaigns are not performing to their potential.

Of course, a lead generation specialist could do this for you, but if they do not have the right tools to enable them to do so, the whole process could take a while. In the recruitment sector, time really is of the essence.

The Fusion recruitment software is suitable for both smaller and multinational companies, and it will help to streamline your recruitment process – meaning that you can get to the applications that matter in no time at all.

In today’s fast-paced world, our Fusion recruitment software offers the expert knowledge of a lead generation specialist along with speed, scalability and analytical accuracy that are necessary if your organisation is to reduce its recruitment expenditure. So, why not contact the team here at Webrecruit today to find out how our recruitment software can help you?

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