5 Types Of Job Aplicant You May Unjustly Ignore

Hiring for almost any position is difficult and time-consuming. The temptation to take shortcuts with the process can therefore be overwhelming, but this can also make it easy to dismiss a job applicant on the basis of just one or two factors. That, in turn, means you could be overlooking some genuinely great candidates.

Here are five types of applicant about whom you may ask: “are they necessarily so bad?”

1. The One With The Wild Social Media Profile

Yes, those boozy nightclub pictures or that slightly over-the-line sexual talk on their Facebook or Twitter page might not immediately strike you as very professional.

However, it could be argued that recruiters often overdo the social media stalking these days. The bottom line is that someone being a certain way in their personal life doesn’t mean they are necessarily that way in their professional life – indeed, they may otherwise be your dream candidate.

2. The One Who’s Not Good At Interviews

Remember that it isn’t a person’s flair in the interview room that you’ll need from them on a day-to-day basis in the office. So does it really matter so much that they might have been nervous or fluffed one or two peripheral interview questions?

3. The One Who Studied Online

Seeing that an applicant graduated from an online-based, non-brick-and-mortar institution might cause you to wonder whether they’re as good as they say. Is that first-class degree worth as much as the ones awarded to graduates at the red-brick or plate-glass university in your nearest major city?

That might be an understandable worry if the institution is an obscure one or the course the applicant studied seems to lack relevance to your position. But whatever you do, don’t reject the candidate simply on the basis that they studied an online degree.

4. The One Who’s Constantly Changing Jobs

Given that recent CIPD research found UK workers’ job satisfaction to have hit a two-year low, is it such a shock that more people are switching jobs a lot these days? It’s been a long time since the days of ‘jobs for life’ for most of us.

Job-hoppers shouldn’t necessarily be treated as undesirable – not when they have also long been associated with such positive and unique traits as ambition, adaptability and a willingness to take risks, as may serve your business well if you add such a candidate to your staff.

5. The One With The Employment Gap

The longer someone has been out of employment, the harder it will be for them to break back into the workplace. But are employers sometimes harsh in judging candidates for a few months or even years out of work?

After all, everyone has a reason for not having been in employment for a certain time period, and it may be a very valid one in the case of a candidate who could just be a brilliant asset to your team.

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3 Reasons Why You Still Need To Write Job Descriptions

Many an employer would love to get rid of the humble job description. They see it as a burden to have to write such a thing every time a vacancy comes up at their company. Indeed, it may be hard for them to appreciate the job description’s continued relevance when they come to Recruit Staff.

We’re sure you’ll know what a job description is – it’s the document that outlines the responsibilities of the job, and for which the holder of the position will probably need to possess certain personal qualities, experiences and skills.

The job description may have been around seemingly since recruitment began, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon – and here are the exact reasons why.

1. They Make Clear What The Role Involves

If your employee has a fuzzy idea of what their job fundamentally entails, how can you expect them to be a success at it? There needs to at least be a sense of the basic framework of the role – otherwise, there’s too much scope for the staffer to simply interpret the job in a way that leaves vital duties left unfulfilled.

Your employee needs and deserves a clear sense of what things they should spend their time on while in your employ, and which tasks are more important than others. That clarity as to what is expected from the worker is precisely what a job description can provide.

2. They Assist The Recruitment Process

Why would you want to recruit staff who you then have to let go – or who quit of their own accord – because they misunderstood what your job is really about?

Yes, job descriptions play a crucial role right from the beginning of the hiring process, by leaving the candidate in no doubt as to the responsibilities of the job and whether they have the right skills, experience and qualifications to fulfil them. It means that neither you nor the candidate waste time in applying for a job or processing an application when there is little chance of things working out.

3. They Are Helpful For Judging Performance

Many managers have difficulty with performance reviews, not least due to a belief that they can create conflict. However, there’s less scope for the worker to feel that you are being unfair to them if you have a clear job description and objectively assess their performance against what the job description outlines.

With job descriptions so instrumental in effective staff recruitment and employee management, even in the year 2017, you really can’t hope to avoid them – and nor should you. Have a chat with the Webrecruit team today about how we could help to drive greater value and better results from your hiring.

3 Characteristics That Make Someone A True ‘Team Player’

When you think of any of the obvious corporate success stories from down the years – from Microsoft to Apple – one of the things that should become clear to you straight away is the importance of the right team.

However, there’s a big difference between a great team, and simply a bunch of smart people. The aforementioned success stories were built on teams that had that seemingly indefinable, but definitely detectable ‘spark’ or ‘magic’.

The good news is that it’s possible to bottle such magic – well, sort of. You can do it by looking for each of the three following traits in your own company’s staff and job candidates.

  1. Hunger

Everyone needs hunger if they are to be a success in any field of life, and there’s no question that the strong drive and work ethic that characterises a hungry person can be a massive asset for a successful team.

These people don’t see mediocrity as ‘good enough’. They’re always looking for more, whether that’s learning, responsibility or action. They aren’t afraid of uncomfortable conflict, holding others accountable and thinking carefully about what’s next.

2. Humility

Contrary to the widespread perception of successful people being ‘full of ego’, great team players are necessarily humble – they know that the requirements and goals of the team must come above their own. They aren’t obsessed about their own status rather than the welfare of the team, the collective success of which is their greatest priority.

3. Social Smarts

That word ‘social’ is vital here – we aren’t simply talking about your team members who rack up the highest test scores.

We’re talking about your staffers who have the social skills to get all on with all kinds of people en route to a shared goal. They are the people who understand team dynamics and can disagree with other members of the team in a productive and tactful way.

An employee of yours who lacks any of the above three traits doesn’t stand much chance of becoming a great team player. However, if they do have at least one or two of these characteristics, there is scope for them to develop into real assets to your team, in turn inspiring other employees of yours to be the best that they can be.

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Sometimes Even Your Best People Need To Be Moved On

Yes, you read that right. Losing a great employee isn’t always a mortal blow – or even necessarily a blow at all. We aren’t just talking about those times when the worker may have got a better offer elsewhere. We’re also talking about you being proactive enough to drop even the best people on your payroll if it could benefit your company as a whole.

Yes, it does sound crazy – at first. But here are a few reasons why it could make perfect sense.

It Jolts Everyone Out Of Complacency

Even the most innovative and fastest-growing company can become uncompetitive if complacency is gradually allowed to creep in. That might turn out to be the case even if your workers are seemingly in continually challenging and stimulating jobs.

The fact is that sometimes, things can get a bit stale even for your best employees after years of working for the same boss, with the same team members, in the same office.

Plus, letting go of someone who may have once seemed irreplaceable can jolt your other workers out of any complacency of their own. All of a sudden, they might wonder how much at risk they are of being dropped themselves, which could be just the thing for boosting their performance.

It Makes Way For New Talent

Every company requires ‘fresh pairs of eyes’ from time to time. If your company has a low attrition rate from people leaving for pastures new of their own accord, it could help to let one or two great people go, so that you can bring in the fresh talent that could propel your firm to growth.

Oh, and there’s another thing: the departure of some of your most talented employees could even be good for them. Many people who leave an employer in such circumstances ‘bounce back’ by forming their own companies and becoming hugely successful leaders in their own right.

Could Losing A Great Employee Fuel Renewed Success For Your Firm?

The above aren’t the only good reasons why occasionally dropping a few of your best staff can be a useful part of your Managed Recruitment approach. However, it’s also vital not to do so in a way that causes a lot of disruption that then has adverse, rather than positive consequences for your business.

However, when you think things through, get your timing right and do it with the right intentions, you may be surprised by just how much of a positive impact such a change has on your team.

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What Difference Could ‘Blind Hiring’ Make To Your Workforce?

Blind hiring’ has been increasingly talked about in recent times. Indeed, even the Canadian government has used it, stating that it did so with the intention of reducing unconscious bias and promoting gender and ethnic equality.

But is blind hiring worth the hype, and how could it benefit your own firm?

First Of All, What Is Blind Hiring?

It’s the term given to the practice of anonymising or ‘blinding’ any information about a candidate about which a hiring manager recruiter could possibly be biased.

The fact is, even if you don’t consider yourself to be biased, we all have our own internal, frequently unconscious biases.

It’s the same when it comes to hiring – it’s easy to think that a great candidate has to ‘look’ a certain way, in the sense of being of a certain age, gender, race or educational background.

The problem is that these biases aren’t borne out in reality, so in the absence of blind hiring techniques, you could easily end up missing out on a great candidate and choosing someone much less suitable, for little reason other than ‘their face fits’.

In theory, anything that could make you more objective when hiring should help you to pick the right candidates – so what are some examples of blind hiring techniques?

There Are Various Proven Blind Hiring Methods

One popular example of a blind hiring technique is blind pre-hire testing, such as a coding challenge for a software developer or a mock cold prospecting email. These are forms of testing where the candidate’s demographic information has no influence on the result.

Blind interviewing can be a rather bigger technical challenge, but is by no means impossible – for example, you might place a physical divider between yourself and the candidate in the case of an in-person interview.

Then, of course, there is the example of candidate screening at the very start of the recruitment process. This can be easier to pull off simply by removing personal information from the candidates’ profiles and CVs before assessing them.

Blind Hiring Could Be Instrumental In Boosting Diversity

It remains to be seen to just what extent blind hiring techniques become widespread. However, by embracing the latest Recruitment Technology such as that making up our own Fusion package here at Webrecruit, you could go a long way towards modernising many different aspects of your recruitment.

Why wait any longer to make your firm’s hiring efforts genuinely fit for the 21st century?

5 Things You Definitely Need In Your Next Customer Service Employee

Customer service hiring is something that so many employers get wrong. They often treat customer service as if it’s an entry-level position, rather than representing the ‘face’ of their company.

So, how can your firm and its Recruitment Agency get better results from its customer service recruiting? Looking out for these five key candidate characteristics is a definite start.

  1. Empathy

Yes, we may be in a customer service world increasingly dominated by life-like ‘chat bots’, but even the best of them can’t replicate the empathy of a real human being.

This is important, as an empathetic customer service employee can pick up on those things that the customer may not be directly expressing, but which can nonetheless make a big difference to the ease and speed with which a particular support query is resolved.

2. Listening Skills

Good listeners aren’t just those who are good at nodding their head in front of the customer as they have a particular issue explained to them.

That’s because the best listeners are also great at interpreting what the customer truly means, and what that should mean for the company.

When the customer is asking about the differences between different products, for example, as they really suggesting that these differences should be made clearer for the benefit of future customers?

3. Patience

Customers often reach out to customer support agents while in a position of exasperation or frustration. Even worse, it may take a little while for even the customer service employee to fully resolve their problem.

So, is the candidate good at spending quality time with a customer and keeping them engaged? Are they effective at reassuring impatient or upset customers? How do they make those long calls feel like less of a chore, for both themselves and the customer?

4. Product Knowledge

Of course, the candidate may not have a completely comprehensive knowledge of your product right now.

However, it’s encouraging if they already have hobbies or interests that would lead them to have a personal interest in your product, as well as if they have shown a great degree of product knowledge in a previous role.

Remember that a customer service employee who lacks thorough, hands-on knowledge of your firm’s product won’t be able to assist the customer as effectively, or even at all.

5. Positivity

Does the candidate appear to be a naturally ‘glass half-full’ type? Are they comfortable in their own skin and able to show a positive attitude towards customers even towards the end of a long, hard day at work?

Candidates who easily become negative in their attitude to work may struggle to maintain the positivity that they need to consistently demonstrate as a customer service employee.

It’s just one more reason why so many employers adopt the ‘hire for attitude, train for skill’ approach when looking for new customer service staff.

It’s Vital To Consider Candidates’ Unique Skills And Talents

Is that candidate you’ve got your eye on someone who will ‘do the job’, or a true go-getter who your customers will love?

The latter will make all of the difference to how people remember and perceive your brand, so keep an eye out for the above characteristics when launching a recruitment campaign for a new customer service employee.

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The Best Patreon Artist In The Last City


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3 Ways To Make Culture Central To Your Hiring Process

There have been quite a few interesting changes to worker attitudes in recent decades from the older to the younger generations. However, one of the most intriguing is undoubtedly the shift from an emphasis on pay and benefits, to one on the ‘culture’ in which one works.

Millennials – the generation born roughly between the early 1980s and the early 2000s – are by no means uninterested in a good salary or career advancement, but one thing that they definitely do care about is company culture.

So, how can you make your own organisation’s culture central to its hiring process, thereby attracting more candidates from this generation that is increasingly dominating the workplace? Here at leading Recruitment Advertising Agency Webrecruit, we thought we’d outline three of our favourite ways.

1. Draw Upon Your Company Website

Does your organisation’s website emphasise the cultural differences between your company and your sector as a whole? Is it specific about the team-building activities that happen inside and outside the office, and about how meetings are structured to ensure everyone can contribute?

Be specific and transparent when detailing on your website what it is that makes your company culture different – the usual clichés like “Our team works hard and plays hard” won’t really tell the reader anything useful.

2. Embrace Past Employee Reviews

A lot of companies are scared of the reviews that past employees may provide of them, whether on any of a range of social media sites or review platforms like Glassdoor – but why should they be? After all, if your company culture is something to shout about, this should be borne out through the reviews that your former staffers write.

As for if those reviews are negative or you fear them being negative in the future, perhaps that should be your cue to make certain changes at your company so that you can look forward to rather more positive words from your ex-employees instead?

3. Get Your Team Involved

If your company culture is a genuinely inclusive one in which everyone gets to have their say, why not demonstrate this through your recruitment process by getting your entire team involved in searching for and/or selecting that new staffer?

It may be that your usual HR team still does the actual interviewing, but that one or two other employees of yours sit in and provide feedback from their own, fresher perspective. They could even help to answer any culture-related questions that the candidate may have.

As long as you know what your company culture actually is – and that’s a very much separate question – you can do a lot to leverage your culture to great advantage in your hunt for the right staff. Choose the right recruitment advertising agency like Webrecruit, and you can even further maximise your likelihood of hiring success.

Joint Venture Property Development And Backyard Buyers


Joint Venture Property Development have helped us open the potential in some of our properties securing benefits for our financial specialists at times and when new open doors might be constrained by the moderate accessibility of top notch properties. This assignment can be another venture or some other business action.In a joint venture, each of the participants is responsible for profits, losses and costs associated with it. However, the venture is its own entity, separate and apart from the participants’ other business interests.

Presently jvdevelopments.com.au approached giving answer for the properties which was sitting tight for investors.Joint Venture Property Development have helped us open the potential in some of our properties securing benefits for our budgetary authorities on occasion and when new open entryways may be obliged by the direct openness of first rate properties.


There is a genuine distinction between having a pool in your patio and the extravagance homes that have pools in the backyard buyers. The pleasantries are regularly what set these habitations apart from a portion of the others accessible. Some are situated on or close greens. Some have a huge span of land that are all around arranged and finished. Others are found ideal on the water and have sees stunning. This tends to make the estimation of extravagance homes a fascinating situation.


Lawn purchasers may allude to a family or an individual hoping to buy property or to engineers hoping to assemble homes or mixes and continue to pitch them to people, at Joint Venture Developments we oblige both and additionally giving the mortgage holder himself the capacity to offer their terrace as a prepared created zone.

At Joint Venture Developments, we help you with purchasing or pitching your lawn from the earliest starting point to the end, from assessing the property and setting a cost, to finding a confided in purchaser and finishing the deal.

Best Termite Inspection And Control In Brisbane


Termite Inspection Brisbane – The investigation is your protection strategy against termites. General assessments can limit the measure of harm done to your home and following up on suggestions can limit your danger of getting them. At Osborne’s we pride ourselves on our aptitude in discovering termites. We assess all territories of the property up to 50 meters from the building yet inside the limit of the property.

We get into the rooftop to the extent is conceivable. We altogether check all timber components of the building, completing sounding tests to timbers and the dividers. We slither into your subfloor and investigate, on the off chance that you have one. We furnish you with a definite report and prompt you on your hazard and how you can limit it. That is the thing that makes us the termite investigation group that goes the additional mile!


While the most vital devices are a decent light your eyes and ears we additionally utilize sounding gear, warm imaging camera’s dampness meters and borer scopes. None are an enchantment wand they are apparatuses that help with discovering termites or conditions that support termites. Avoid any organization that cases they see into your dividers as this is conspicuously deceptive.

Termite Control Brisbane – The main strategy is known as a concoction application. You see I don’t utilize the word obstruction since it is not a hindrance it can’t stop termites. The Australian Standards obviously expresses everything it can do is obstruct disguised passage. Termite control with concoction is connected after remote termite province end has been accomplished.

An excess of substantial topsoil or mud and the compound won’t spread and will be Bio-inaccessible significance the termite can go into the treated range and the synthetic won’t leave far from the dirt to murder it. So how can one at that point get the correct soil set up? Soil substitution is the appropriate response. We source a 75% sand and 25% soil blend which is ideal for generally termiticides.